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Long before TV's "American Idol" became a mega-hit, there was one radio and television series that started the talent competition craze. It was called: "The Original Amateur Hour." On TV the host was Ted Mack. On radio it was Major Edward Bowes and on cable it was Willard Scott. Almost 50 major stars of movies, records, stage, screen and television got their start on this series. This is the show that made the "gong" famous as well as "the wheel of fortune" and the phrase: "round' and 'round she goes, and where she stops, nobody knows."

Some of these first-time of struggling amateurs who got their start on "The Original Amateur Hour" included Frank Sinatra, Pat Boone, Nick Carter, Gladys Knight, Ann-Margret, Robert Klein, Raul Julia, Beverly Sills, Connie Francis, Maria Callas, Joey Dee and The Starlighters, Robert Merrill, Jim Stafford and many others. This web site shows you some sample glimpses of these great stars when they were still unknowns. You can see their entire performances as well as crazy novelty acts, radio and tv history, complete episodes of "The Original Amateur Hour" and much more, by ordering the full 2-DVD set through this site.

Please browse the various departments on this site to learn more about one of the landmark programs in broadcast history. Send us your questions and comments ... and most of all ... have some nostalgic fun remembering: "THE ORIGINAL AMATEUR HOUR!"

It All Began on The Original Amateur Hour

The first performances of struggling amateurs such as Frank Sinatra, Nick Carter, Gladys Knight, Ann-Margret, Robert Klein, Raul Julia, Beverly Sills, and others.

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